Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bugs and Blessings

It is going to be a bad year for people like me who hate bugs.  We found a tick on Heidi Monday morning.  It was the first time we had ever seen one so I was a bit panicky (hubby says I watch too many vet shows).  We were able to get it all out and she hasn't shown any sign of ill effects.  I did call her vet and was told that the Lyme disease ticks have made their way to our area.  Heidi gets vaccinated every year so we are pretty sure she will be alright. Nevertheless, we will be keeping a close eye on her as well as being even more vigilant in checking her when she comes in from doing her private business.
The black flies and mosquitoes are making being outside without a suit of armour less than enjoyable.  If we have anything to do, we put on our net hat, long sleeved top and spray thoroughly.  I got a bit more gardening done today and hubby mowed the lawn.  The black flies will go back to whatever jaded place they call home as soon as we get some consistently warm days.  They generally don't last for more than a couple of weeks.  Everything else is bearable with the bug hat and spray protection.
You may be wondering why people would chose to live in an area with such drawbacks and I will be glad to tell you.  I live here because I love being able to see the stars as bright and clear as diamonds, the freedom from violence, people who hold open a door and patiently wait while you climb the steps to reach the entrance. I love seeing the turtles sunning by the side of our driveway.
 I love it because the snow is white, the grass and trees green and people nod and smile even if they don't know your name.
I hate bugs with a passion but even they aren't enough to make me think this area is any less than a special blessing.

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  1. Thank you for this post Anne. My sentiments exactly!
    And aren't the black flies wicked this year!