Friday, April 21, 2017

What Are You Making This Weekend?

Another drizzly day but it is warm in the house.  Before I get into todays post, I would like to pass on a thought from Karen, a regular reader in response to yesterdays blog on pillowcases.  She mentioned that she made flannelette pillowcases for her Grandmother and how much the older lady enjoyed the softness.  A great idea if you decide to make cases for a hospice.
I finished the place mats today and they have gone on to their new home.  I now need to get at this months Island Batik project.  We are to make a quilt using applique and I have had a bit of a problem coming up with an idea but think I have one now. I don't have a lot of time to get it done but it shouldn't take to long.  Also have this month article for the Quilt Pattern Magazine to finish.
Some areas are getting a lot of flooding.  Our driveway still have a good bit of water in the lower area but it is going down.  Of course, if it would quit raining, it would go a lot faster.
Have a great weekend.  If you are quilter, I would love to have you share a photo of what you made.  Stay tuned for a draw which will happen next month. 

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  1. Good morning Anne. We ARE still experiencing severe flood conditions over here on the east side of Algonquin Park. There is still a fair bit of snow in the bush too so I don't think things are going to disappear for awhile.
    Another thing I used to make for Granny, and my Dad, were clothing protectors, essential, huge bibs. The first one I made for Granny had Canadian birds all over it. She enjoyed looking at the birds out the windows at her residence and she would point them out to her tablemates at the residence. After Granny left us, I passed that item to my Dad because he really liked it. I also made him one, flannel, with moose and whatnot.
    These days I am making memory quilts out of fabric leftovers from these projects, as well as clothing, that had belonged to our beloved elders. The family love receiving these momentoes.