Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tomorrow is Another Day


It doesn't seem that long ago that I could spend a whole day driving without showing any effect.  Now, a couple of hours tires me out.  We went to North Bay this afternoon (an hour away) for hubby's last doctor's appointment from his hip replacement.  It was basically just there and back with  just a bit more than an hour for the appointment, some shopping and going to Timmy's but I am tired.  I also had a meeting in the morning so that didn't help. The weather was a bit nasty for the drive up but not as bad as a normal winter day.
In any case, I am glad to be back home, supper over and cleaned away and ready for a relaxing evening.  I was going to do a bit of quilting but I don't think I could see to sew when I am yawning this much.  Tomorrow is another day as Scarlett would say.
The photo is an old one but I was looking at it the other day and remember how sweet our little dog was when she was a pup.  She is still sweet but now she has a bit of an attitude sometimes.


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