Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Magic Quilt


Lizbeth had been feverish and coughing for three days and her mother was exhausted to the point of collapse.  She had been up and down the stairs to tend to her daughter more times than she could count.  Taking her temperatures, bringing soup to eat, helping her to the bathroom, tucking her in; the list of things her 6 year old needed seemed endless.  All this had to be done while looking after the other two children, trying to get some of the housework done and get meals for the rest of the family.  The biggest problem was that Lizbeth wanted her mother to stay with her.  She wanted the comfort of her mother's presence.  As Dorothy wearily climbed the stairs one more time she wondered how her mother had coped with all her children.  And then she remembers: the quilt.  She went to the cabinet in the guest room and pulled out the quilt that had belonged to her mother and took it into her daughter.  "Lizbeth, I have something special for you.  This used to be Grandma's quilt and she would tuck it around me when I was a little girl.  See all the hearts?  It is a love quilt and it is going to make you feel all warm and cozy and loved so you can get better.'  She tucked the quilt around her little girl and watched as she snuggled deep into her bed with a smile on her face.  "I feel better already Mommy.  It really is a magic quilt."

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