Thursday, April 6, 2017

Runner Set Finished

I finished my runner/place mat set today.  There are 4 place mats that coordinate with the table runner and I am also going to do 4 coasters.  This was a kit from Connecting Threads and they provided enough extra fabric that I was able to do the mats and coasters.
You may have noticed a link to my web page on this site.  I am completely redoing it.  I have been using the site to advertising the patterns I have for sale but as they are also on Craftsy, I have decided my web page might be better used to show the quilts that I am selling.  I will let you know when it is ready to be seen.  You can go to it right now but there isn't much on it.
In addition to finishing the runner set, I also started another quilt using one of my patterns.  This is a new one that has been buzzing around in my brain for a while.  It is one that can be completed in a couple of days and only uses 4 fabrics.
The weather was dreadful today.  I had planned on driving to town to do some grocery shopping but decided that it wasn't a good idea.  I did go into the village as I had to get a couple of things and that was enough of a challenge.  The roads were slushy and slippery.  It was snowing, raining all at the same time and combined with ice pellets.  Fun!

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