Friday, April 28, 2017

Draw Announcement

Bad week for regular posting.  Last night, we had a nasty wind storm with thunder and lightning which made the hydro flicker on and off.  We turned off the computer and television and watched the light show for a while. 
Some areas to the south lost their hydro and it was still out later today.  This was the result of the last storm we had as well and it rather odd for this area.  Usually we are the ones to have to light candles and bring in alternate power sources.
There wasn't any mishaps except for a sheet of metal that covered one of the woodpiles taking flight and putting a nasty scratch on my car.
I have mentioned a couple of times about an upcoming draw.  It will start next week.  There will be two draws.  One is for those who are signed up as followers of this blog and the other, which will be mentioned on my Facebook page is for anyone.  If you are a follower, you can enter both.
The blog settings will be changed next week so only followers can reply/enter.

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