Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Birthdays and Scenery

It was another lovely winter day again.  We had to drive to Huntsville for my eye test and all the way there and back we were remarking on the beauty of the snow laden trees and the beautiful blue sky contrasting with the starkness of the bare, dead looking maples.  Although I am still not feeling well, a person would have to be almost dead to not enjoy being outside on such a day.
Today was also hubby's birthday.  We didn't do anything special to celebrate but he got a lovely hand made card from the grandchildren as well as a phone call from his son, mother and some friends.  All things that made him feel cared for.
I got quite a bit of fabric when shopping and have to wash it all now.  I have been stocking up on flannel for baby quilts but also bought some felt to do a banner for church.
Still fighting this bug but am gradually getting better.

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