Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I really like this photo.  I took it yesterday evening as I was letting the dog out.  Winter is such a beautiful season and the opportunities for good photos seem endless.
Hubby went into the village to get some chicken feed and pick up the mail this morning.  He came back with a lovely package from the grandchildren.  It was a photograph album with pictures of them at various events at school and home including sports, costumes and family activities.  A lovely surprise and I have looked through it twice already.
We are hoping to see them this spring as they are planning a visit to Ottawa.  Depending on the outcome of a hearing I have regarding my insurance case, we might also be doing a trip to Alberta.  It will be wonderful to see them in person again.
I got quite a lot done today as I am feeling much better.  I won't be doing the applique class tomorrow as a couple of the ladies have the flu.  It will give me another day to catch up.

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