Thursday, January 14, 2016

One of My Favourite Designers

I got quite a lot accomplished today despite feeling really tired.  I am not sure if I am fighting a bug or just got run down from Christmas and the extra responsibilities after hubby's operation but I am more fatigued than usual.  I normally have enough energy for a couple of people.
Despite the lack of oomph, I did get a crib quilt half done.  I also did a bit of sorting.  Hadn't intended doing that but I was looking for scraps for the 365 blocks believing I really didn't have any small bits and discovering that I had quite a few.
It was such a lovely day with the sun shining on the snow that fell overnight that I went for a longer walk than usual.  And then I moved the snow from around the car.  This was done in the middle of the afternoon and by then I was feeling back to normal.  Being outside is always rejuvenating as well.
Thank you for the positive feedback on the blocks I posted yesterday.  I neglected to mention that the pattern was in The Quilt Pattern Magazine and the designer was the talented Maria Hraborsky.
She always gives lots of options in colour choice and layout so it  is easier to make a quilt pattern your own.  You can see more of Maria's patterns on Craftsy.  I am pleased to help promote her work. You can also check her out at:  TQPM is an on line publication and is worth checking out at:

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