Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Addictive Blocks

I went into the village yesterday as I had to take this quilt into the store for sale.  As soon as I turned from the driveway to the road, I realized I should go back.  However, I didn't.  The road was deep slush interspersed with icy sections just to keep it interesting.  I made it to the store and back albeit, slowly. I made it up the drive way to the hill curve and that was it.  I had to reverse back to the entrance and there the car stayed until today.

I have been working on my 365 block challenge and have one more to do.  I seem to get 3 blocks behind all the time which, as they go together quickly, isn't a problem.  The block for Jan. 26th was a real challenge and I found that it was necessary to press the seams open rather than to one side.  It is finished and the correct size so another one is in the bin.
I find that these little blocks are addictive.  I used to enjoy making mini quilts but got away from them in recent years.  Now I remember why I liked them.

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