Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Only One Month Late.

These blocks were a block of the month project I started in January 2015.  I finally finished them this month so I was only one month late which isn't bad.  Of course, I had 3 blocks to do all at once but they are all finished now and I can mark that off my mental list.
I was going to put sashing between the blocks but now I am not sure.  I rather like the way the colours run into each other.  A bit more rearranging of the blocks themselves yet before I will be happy with it.
I started adding a couple of borders to a top today that  I finished some time go.  The original design was a square and I always prefer a rectangle.  When I get it quilted, it will be offered for sale on the Quilts for Sale website.  My next project will be a crib quilt for the same purpose.  I haven't added anything to the site for awhile so need to get at it.

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