Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Flotsam Overload

I am about to take the plunge and upload Windows 10.  I bought a stick to hold all my photos and will put my documents onto a disc just in case anything happens.  I spent some time today deleting things I don't need.  My goodness but there is a lot of flotsam on my computer.
My stepson is going to do the actual upload.  I can do it but tend to get frustrated with the fiddlyness of this type of thing.
We went to Huntsville today where hubby had an appointment with the surgeon who did his last surgery.  Everything is progressing well so now he has made an appointment with the man who is going to do the hip replacement.  While he was at the doctor's, I got some grocery shopping done.  I was planning on buying some fabric to finish a couple of projects but ran out of energy.
I have to go to town again on the 19th (hubby's birthday) for an eye test so will buy what is needed then.
Our temperature went up to minus 2 today.  Such a change from the 18 below yesterday. Supposed to get cold again on Sunday.  It is, I suspect, going to be that kind of winter.
I was awake for a while last night and thought of another pattern design.  Will try it out on EQ and see if it works.  Lots of things seem great until they are actually put on paper or fabric.

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