Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Sunshine

We took a quick trip to Orillia this morning to take hubbies mother back home.  She has been visiting for a few days.  We took advantage of the journey to do a little shopping and then had lunch at the park.
Couchiching Park is one of the loveliest urban parks I have seen.  It is on the shore  of Lake Couchiching (hence the name) and is renowned for its beautiful old growth maple trees and statue of Champlain which was sculpted by Fredric March.  There is a long boardwalk used by dog walkers and bicyclists.  We joined the former with Heidi and got a bit of exercise before the drive back.
Hubby has been having a lot of hip pain and long trips are a problem for him even with me driving.  He has an appointment with a specialist next week so, hopefully, he will decide on a course of action.

The brakes on our little and very old truck went on Sat.  We need to look at a replacement but it will have to wait for a little bit as we look for something both cheap and reliable.  It will be a bit of an inconvenience for such things as taking garbage to the dump and our meat birds to the butcher but we will make do.

It has warmed up at bit (well, a lot really) and the sun is shining.  It is nice to see the end of the grey weather although I did like the cooler temperatures.  We saw quite a bit of colour in the Orillia area.  Their trees seem to be changing faster than ours which is odd as we are further north.
Remember to watch out for school buses and children as the season is starting once again. Our grandchildren went back yesterday although the children in this area don't start until next Tues. after the long weekend.

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