Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Quilts and Mice

This is the customer quilt I am working on right now.  I flipped it around so you could see it right side up.  She has done a lovely job on the applique especially considering that the fabric is a slippery polyester.  It is going to take a bit of time doing the quilting as I only have a 9 inch harp (space between body and needle) so there is a lot of stopping and starting.  I am doing around the applique and then meandering over the while background.

I have been having trouble with my keyboard mouse sticking so, even though I was sure that wasn't the problem, I moved the computer and redid the wires so they were at the back of the stand.  The new location will ensure more are around the tower the lack of which can cause overheating.  As I suspected, the mouse still malfunctioned but I have moved the keyboard a bit to the left and it now seems to be working. 
I am not sure if the surface was causing the problem (I tried using a pad) but I don't care as long as it works.
I have just been puddling at one thing and another today.  Had a Skype conversation with my youngest sister which is always splendid.  Took Heidi for a walk through the bush and now will do a bit more quilting before it is time to get supper.
Tomorrow we are going to Huntsville to have lunch with dear friends.

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