Friday, September 4, 2015

Make Do Farm

Did anyone see two tiny deer?  I was working on one of my fair entries which included 4 little half inch deer when I mislaid two of them.  I still haven't found them so probably won't be able to enter this craft.  I am not sure if they are hiding under a gnome toadstool or got chased away by teeny, tiny wolves.

A neighbour has been clearing some of his land to build a large barn and we have been the recipient of the wood.  Hubby went over today to get another load.  He had to use the tractor to pull the trailer as the truck no longer has brakes.  A small problem arose when the tractor stalled in the driveway.  It won't start unless it either is rolling down a hill or pulled.  We tried towing it with the quad but it wasn't strong enough and I was really nervous about driving it in case it tipped over if I gave it too much gas.  Hubby went back up the hill and drove the truck down.  I was waiting for it to crash into the tractor but he turned off the ignition and it rolled to a stop.  Thank goodness for standard transmissions.
Got the tractor hooked up and I started back up the driveway-backwards because there wasn't any room to turn around.  Tractor started, chain was removed and I continued to back around the curve and up the hill and parked the truck where it was out of the way. The tractor is parked on a downgrade.

Hubby and I think we should call our place the Make Do Farm!!

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