Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Customer Quilt Finished

I finished this quilt this evening and called the customer for pick up.  It was one of the most difficult I have done because  my machine will only quilt a small area at a time and I didn't want to stitch over the applique.  Most of the time, especially toward the end, I was able to do about a 3-4 inch square section before rolling. 
Then I started having needle issues.  I broke three before discovering that the thread coming from the spool was catching on the base.  Once I moved it to the other spindle it worked fine.
The first photo shows a more accurate colouring.  The second is a close up of the centre block where I did free hand leaves.  I did trim the threads after taking the photo.
I think I am going to do something simple next.  I sold another crib quilt and have to get more of those done.  I am thinking of an I Spy quilt with  square in a square blocks set on point.
I also have a pattern up to write for TQPM. Looks like the fall will be as busy as the summer was.

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