Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cleaning Your Machine.

Our tomato plants seem to be on steroids.  I did two six quart baskets today and that doesn't even begin to reduce the crop.  Most of them are Roma which is great for soups, stew and chili.  Parsnips are coming along as are the squash and pumpkin.  I don't think we are going to get many beets though.  The tomatoes self seeded amongst them and took over.
I finished quilting and adding the binding to my table runner and am doing the hand sewing part this evening.  Quilt room is tidied up and ready for the next project but first I need to give the machine and frame a good cleaning. I use a product called Tri-Flo for cleaning in and around the bobbin as well as other areas.  It is actually for bicycles and can be bought at stores that sell them.  It cleans without leaving any residue and only a drop is needed on a QTip.  I also use a bit to clean the rails on the frame.  You still need to use oil for your machine as this is only a cleaner.
Give it a try.

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