Friday, September 25, 2015

Dusting and Cleaning

Thought I had posted yesterday but apparently not.  I have finished the pattern I was designing and also sent in my monthly article for the Quilt Pattern Magazine so I am now caught up on my schedule.
I had to take all my clothes from my closet today so the water heater could be checked.  We live in a manufactured home and the heater is behind a wall in the closet.  This seems to be the usual place.  I lived in a smaller version of this place forty something years ago and the water heater was in the closet there as well.
Everything was taken out and put on the bed then all put back again.  I took the opportunity to go through what I had and discarded a lot of items.  They will be donated to a charity shop.
I also loaded a quilt onto my frame and it is nearly half done.  The quilt is actually four placemats that, once quilted, will be cut apart and bound.  Doing them all at once is a really quick method.
Before doing that, I gave my machine and the frame a good cleaning.  I remembered to open the front section that is just over the needle and found it was full of lint.  I am sure the Juki enjoyed getting rid of that.
It looks as though our trees are finally starting to change colour.  This time last year and most others they are past the peak and getting ready to drop.

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