Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bye, Bye Bug.

I finished making the blocks for the Christmas table runner today, got the layout decided and am starting to sew everything together.  I also got quite a bit done on the frame quilt.  I am hoping to have it finished for the weekend.
Our leaves are really slow changing colour this year.  They all have moved from deep green to softer shade and some are tinged with yellow but only a few have any red.  Does this mean we are going to have a late winter?  I did hear that it was supposed to be a warmer than normal fall but I don't have a great deal of confidence in long range forecasts.
Heidi and I are starting to go for longer walks now it is cooler.  She is doing a much better job of staying at heel.  Usually she is at the end of the leash and trying to sniff and pee on everything.  Perhaps she is starting to grow up-finally.
I saw an remarkable thing this morning.  A hummingbird was sitting on the clothes line when a small bug passed by.  The hummer darted out and got it almost before I realized what happened.  I've never seen them catch a bug before.  I also had one feasting on the rose bush the day before.  My roses are still blooming and the bright red adds a wonderful touch of colour to the garden.

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