Thursday, March 13, 2014

Annoying Pet Owners

My little dog is outside barking at something only she can see. It is her favourite activity but a source of annoyance to me.  After she has been at it for a while and I figure the neighbours are getting as annoyed as I am, I open the door and holler something like "Heidi, you idiot, get in here." I am sure she thinks, 'you idiot' is part of her name!
A barking dog, whether it is mine or belongs to someone else, annoys me.  I used to live in a house that had a barker on either side.  Every evening as I was trying to go to sleep, the dogs would start.  As I had to get up at 4.30, being kept away until midnight didn't make for a happy worker the next day.  Nor was I as alert as a bus driver should be.  I had to report the owners finally.  I didn't like doing it but it was better than injuring someone.  I only hope that the owners didn't get rid of the dogs.  I don't blame the pets.  They are only being true to their nature as is my little one.  It is the owners that aren't living up to their responsibilities.
I have finished the assembly of the mini blocks and am now hand stitching the doves.  I applied them with fusible web but am afraid they will come loose if I don't secure them.  They are to small to sew on the machine so hand stitching is the only other choice.
Had some bad news today.  A long time friend called to let me know her husband passed away yesterday.  He was elderly and in bad health but it was still a shock especially as a relative of mine had also died the same day.  She, too, had been ill for a while although was a lot younger than my friend.  Sad as it is to know they are gone, they were ready. 

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