Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have undertaken a few changes today and one may affect you, my reader, so I will tell you of it first.  I have been getting a number of pesky spammers that are pretending to be sending comments on my blog.  The only way to stop them is by changing my settings.  Previously, comments have been open to anyone.  Now, they are restricted to those who are registered as followers.
I hate doing this as I know some of you don't like signing up and having to give out information.  I can offer one alternative:  if you just send me an e mail without using the comment form at the bottom of the blog, that will get through.  I appreciate you taking time to read my blog and then send me a comment.  It is encouraging.  Unfortunately, the world we live in is peppered with some opportunistic people.
My second change is to start acupuncture treatment.  I have always been a big supporter of alternative medical treatment but haven't used this one before.  My whiplash injury has been getting worse and when my doctor suggested acupuncture might work, I went for it.  I had my first treatment today.  My neck still hurts but I have more mobility which is a big plus. I go twice more, each a week apart and am looking forward to seeing the results.
And, my final change is that I decided to switch internet providers.  I have had so much trouble with my current one that when Xplorenet offered a free hook up, I took the step.  The installer comes on Saturday.  I have a 30 day trial period which will give me a chance to see if I like it.

We heard geese this morning.  another positive sign of spring.  As I write this, I can see my husband trying to get the truck unstuck from the snow where he went to get more wood.  Not a sign of spring, unfortunately and frustrating for him.

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