Friday, March 7, 2014

Angel Wings.

What a difference a day makes.  Today, our temperature got up to +6C.  It felt so warm in comparison to what we had been getting that I felt as though I could go outside in my shorts; if they weren't packed away with all the other summer clothes, of course.  I went to the village for World Day of Prayer and one of the streets was flooded.  The works department was busy moving snow from the drains.
I write an events column for our local paper and this evening, I was sent an announcement from the horticultural society for their monthly meeting.  Another sign of spring.

I also solved a quilting problem today and I would like to share that with you in case you are ever doing something similar.  I have previously mentioned that I am making a  number of mini angel quilts for a customer and angels, naturally, have wings.  The majority of the minis have lace wings backed with white fabric.  For them, I ironed the base fabric to fusible web and then sewed the lace on top and trimmed.  However, some of the wings weren't going to have the backing and, since starting the project, I have been pondering how I was going to be able to do them.  I am using lace for curtains so there is a lot of 'non fabric' which makes it difficult to cut out a shape with any accuracy.  Tracing the template would be even more of a problem.  I finally came up with a solution.
I lightly traced the outline of the angel body and wings on the back of the background fabric.  The lace was pinned to the front so it covered the outline.  I then did a close zigzag stitch on the back following the outline and trimmed the lace close to the stitches.  Voila!  lace wings.  They will be completed with silver zigzag over the outline stitches.
I included the angel body in the outline to make sure I had the wings in the right place and it was easier to cut one large piece of fabric to cover the whole area rather than two smaller ones.  I also folded the background fabric in half and finger pressed so I would have a guideline for the outline.

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