Friday, March 14, 2014

A Busy Day

Whew, I am bushed.  A couple of quilting friends came over today so I could show them how a frame set up works.  However, before we could get to that, a batting order arrived.  The delivery man got here the same time as my company, while the phone was ringing, the dog going crazy and my husband was in the shower.  Talk about a few minutes of pandemonium!
It took until the early hours of the afternoon getting the order divided up and everyone's costs figured out.  Then I put a practice quilt on the frame for the ladies to try.  After that we put on the one that was going to be quilted by one of the women.  It was too late for her to start that so everyone left, I put supper in the oven and my husband came home from his card game.
I did get a bit more work done on the angels while watching television.  I should have everything finished by next weekend.
I got a call this afternoon for another sewing job.  Not sure I am going to take this one.  I am too busy right now.
Tomorrow is National Quilting Day.  Take your sewing machine out to lunch.

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