Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dancing Anyone

I am gradually getting back to pre mini days.  I just collapsed yesterday and spent the evening staring into space and dozing.  After a good nights sleep, I am ready to get at the next quilt.
I planted some tomato seeds in egg cartons this morning to encourage spring to make an appearance.   If all 36 germinate and survive, I will have a healthy crop come late summer.  I don't think a person can have too many tomatoes.  There is always chili and spaghetti sauce to make and can. I have two accidental plants that are already a good height.  I repotted an aloe vera and there must have been a couple of tomato seeds in the soil.  No buds but they are about 6 inches tall.
We are still getting snow falling.  Doesn't it seem as though spring might decide not to arrive this year?  I won't panic until April.  If we aren't getting noticeably warmer weather and no snow falls by then, I may start recruiting people for a rain dance.

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