Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Anniversaries and a Birthday

I've just finished making some dog biscuits for Heidi.  They have pumpkin in them and I added some peanut butter.  The recipe calls for rice flour and I did use that but combined it with half a cup of whole wheat as she isn't sensitive to it.  Corn? oh, my yes but not wheat.

Yesterday, I started cutting the smaller pieces of fabric that had I set aside from my sorting.  I am only doing 2.5 inch strips, 5 inch squares and 3.5 X 6.5 inch blocks.  These are what I need for the quilts that are on my agenda to make.
I need to add the binding to two more quilts; one just finished and the other in my 'finish it for goodness sake' pile.  Once that latter one is done, I will have completed all my WIP's.  Whoopee!

I am sure most/all of you are aware of today's anniversary and where you were when it happened.  I was working in a factory in Lindsay, Ont. when the Personnel Officer came on the intercom to tell us that Pres. Kennedy had been shot.  We got the update as we left work.  I remember  everyone in the streets (including myself) was crying.
This date also reminds me of another anniversary.  My mother and younger siblings were on a ship 50 years ago as they were moving to England.  The assassination took place the day after my one sister's birthday so the three events are all fixed together in my mind.

Life has not got any safer since that dreadful day but I think we value our loved ones more.  We have become only too aware of how quickly we can lose them.  Camelot may have passed but we are still blessed, in comparison with many countries,  with relative peace and safety.

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