Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scrappy Binding

I made our cranberry chutney this morning.  The recipe didn't make many jars so I tripled it and still just got 8 medium.  That should be enough to last us and, if not, it easy enough to make.  I just have my pepper jelly and chokecherry jelly to make and I will be finished for this year.
I am now putting together the binding for my heart scrappy quilt.  Coming up with the right colour was proving to be a problem so I decided to go with a scrappy.  I have a lot of 2 1/2" wide strips so they are being joined, end to end, until the length is sufficient.  I am trying to use a lot of red strips to bring out that colour in the blocks.
This quilt doesn't have any borders so I think the multi-coloured binding will look just right.  I will take a photo and show you when it is finished.
It is raining quite heavily today but it is warm and snug is our little rural home.  The downpour is keeping the hunters as home so no gun shots to disturb the peace and send our Heidi into a barking fit. There are four or five blue jays at the feeder which is just outside my biggest studio window.  They are my favourite birds.  I love their colour, their spunk and even their squeaky clothesline cry. The other, more timid, birds might be taking refuge in the bush but not the jays.  A little rain isn't going to come between them and their lunch.  The feeder is probably getting low so I had better add some more seed.  If the jays don't mind getting wet, I can be big and brave as well.

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