Thursday, November 28, 2013


I bought this lovely panel at our local quilt store today.  They were having an anniversary sale and everything in the store was 25% off and some up to 60%.  This may be used in a commissioned quilt but, if not, I do have a plan for it.

While in town, I checked out some of the pre Black Friday sales.  Canada is starting to hold these now and there are some good deals.  My pc mouse had started to malfunction so I got a new one and tomorrow I think I will buy a tablet on line.
Always lots of thing on which to spend our hard earned money, isn't there.


  1. I have four or five "picture panels", but I can't figure out how on earth to use them. They were given to me as gifts.

  2. My daughter purchased a pattern and it cut the panel in three and made it look like you were looking out a window pane, picture for a wall quilt. A winter panel can be made into a backdrop for a snow globe quilt etc. hope this sparks you creativity.