Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tis the Season

Have you started listening to Christmas music yet-intentionally, I mean?  Radio stations and some stores have started already and that odd phenomenon, the fireplace TV station is now on the air.  You can watch an artificial fire while listening to a loop of pre recorded Christmas songs.  You can feel the holiday spirit starting to flow just thinking about it.
I have a few of my favourite CD's lined up ready to play but haven't put them on yet.  Our local parade is the first Saturday in December, the church advent service this coming Sunday and we have the tickets for a community dinner. We have already received our first Christmas card so I guess I have better start getting ready.
I will probably get the decorations and trees out this weekend.  I have the ingredients for fruit cake which will be done next week as well as some festive cookies.
Today, I have taken all my fabric from the shelves and done some sorting.  I am putting the smaller pieces to one side so I can cut them into strips and charms.  This is also giving me a chance to see what I need to buy.  I am getting short on red which I use a lot.  I do have  a lot of black; another favourite, but nearly quarter of it has metallic glitter on the fabric.
I have a weakness for glittery fabric and then, once bought, I don't know what to do with it.  I think I will just set all that material in one pile and make a glittery quilt for Christmas.
We are getting a lovely sunset right now.  The weather has been nice all day as it was yesterday.  I have managed to get outside for a small walk both days which makes Heidi happy and me healthy.
I hoping to have another free scrappy pattern for you soon.

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