Friday, November 15, 2013

Rambling About Life.

I was thinking back to the humble beginnings of this blog and how it has grown. My first readers were family members and a few friends.  There are now readers from all over the world and 79 registered followers.   Every author has two dreams.  The first is that someone (and eventually many someone's) will enjoy what is written and the second is to be paid for the pleasure of writing.
I have been very fortunate in achieving the second dream right at the beginning.  The editor of the Orillia packet and Times, Jack Marshall hired me to write a weekly column called Branching Out.  I stayed with them for 5 years and, since then have written for a number of newspapers and magazines. I have  written two books-one unpublished, and currently contribute to our local paper and two quilting magazines.  At some point, I would like to do another weekly column similar to the one I did for the Packet but, for now, I have enough to keep me as busy as I want to be.
Writing this blog is what I do for fun.  While I have a self imposed goal of four posts a week, I won't fire myself if I fall short sometimes. I don't have to stick to any particular subject although I do try to include something about quilting as this is what interests the majority of my readers.
Another benefit of the blog is that it keeps my creative muscles in shape.  If you don't write constantly, it is more difficult to do so.  I try to be as conscientious about grammar and spelling  here as I am for my paid work.  My blog readers deserve to be given the same courtesy as those who have purchased a newspaper or magazine.  I also try to write something of interest although this is the area where I am most apt to fail. 
And, finally, I try to entertain.  I am not writing about world changing events nor anything that will solve a life and death problem.  I ramble on about my life, those that share it, where I live and what I do.  Thank you for making them feel noteworthy.
And, on a quilting note; I have all the blocks from my latest top spread out on the floor while I try to decide on the best layout.  Photo next week of my decision.

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