Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blue Jays in the Feeder

I have been trying for more than a week to get a photo of the blue jays that have been taking advantage of our feeder.  Every time I got close enough to get a good shot, they would take off.  Today, I was a bit more successful. We are getting up to 5 at a time and, as you can see, they appear to be nice and healthy.
I overheard someone saying that jays are not as common the last few years but we have a lot in this area.  Perhaps they are getting more restrictive in the feeders they visit.
I have been having a hard time getting motivated to do anything much the last couple of days.  I have almost finished the applique touches I am adding to a quilt and have another one with the binding ready to be finished.  But, these are all projects that are done by hand.  I didn't want to start anything new until these are all finished so I think I will check out the drawer that has my unfinished quilts.  I believe I have done all but one and it just needs binding but perhaps there is a top lurking somewhere.
Tomorrow I am going to Huntsville as our local quilt store is having an anniversary sale.  I am getting short on red fabric so this will be a good time to get a meter or five.

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  1. My daughter is telling me about her frustration with doing hand binding on her two quilts. She is trying to finish them for Christmas gifts but is finding the hand work so tedious.