Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter's Contrast

We have had another outage.  It was just for a couple of hours this morning but as we are getting snow squalls right now, it may go again.
It looks lovely outside.  The wind has packed the snow against the trees and the sun is shinging brightly.  Behind it all, the sky is a dark grey.  a real study in contrasts.
I finally finished quilting the quilt that I had on the frame.  Between outages and schedules, I didn't think I would ever get it done.  I stitched a butterfly pattern on it and, at first, I didn't like them but now it is done, it really adds some texture.  When I get the binding done, I will post a photo.
I now have some Christmas gifts to get done as soon as I decide on the backing fabric.  They are all small projects so they shouldn't take too long.
Just a short note today to make sure I can get it posted.  Tomorrow my little Heidi goes to the vet for her annual.  However, if this storm continues, I may have to postpone the appointment. She would be happy.  She doesn't mind the vet but she hates the bath I give her beforehand.

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