Friday, December 9, 2011

A Suggestion for a Christmas Gift

I have a nice stew cooking on the woodstove, have taken the dog to the vet, picked up the mail and answered my email.  After I finish this, I can quilt. It has been snowing since yesterday so the driving conditions aren't the best.  Our vet is in the next village north of us, about half hour drive.  I really have to concentrate as I get near there because the road was changed when the highway had more lanes added.  I forgot, however, to pay attention when I was leaving and ended up driving west instead of south. 
If you are looking for a good book to get a young teen I would like to recommend, Back in Her Time by Patricia Corbett Bowman.  It is available at Chapters/Indigo bookstore at under $20.00.  It is a good read and even though it is written for a young person both my husband and I enjoyed it.  I can only tell you a little bit about the story as there is a plot twist.  It is about a young female soldier fighting in the second world war.  Didn't know that women were in active service back then?  Read on.  Pat is a Canadian writer who lives in B.C.

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