Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Way-Oops

My Way Quilt With mistake
I finally got this quilt finished.  I am really pleased with the pattern.  I did the quilting in a butterfly design which I decided I didn't like about half way through.  However, when completed, it did add a touch of texture. 
When I took this photo and then looked at it, I notice I made an error.  Can you find it?  I did the same thing on another block and corrected it before quilting and binding but I am afraid this one is going to have to stay.  So, I guess the quilt is aptly named in more ways than one.
This pattern, minus the error, is on my web page.  There is a lot to recommend digital photos and the ease of correcting mistakes is a big one.
I am in a baking frenzy today.  I am late getting my Christmas goodies made but that only means they will last a bit longer.
There are only 4 more days left for the 25% off sale at www.sistersquiltingexpo.com and www.arkangelcreations.org.

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  1. Anna, it's beautiful--oops and all! I'm so glad to see somebody else's mistakes. A week or two ago, I had blocks up on the design wall. Checked to make sure the dominant squares were all lined up. yup, good to go. So I sewed it together, put the quilt up to take a picture. Looking at the picture, I saw that even though the dominant squares were where they belonged, the other colors in the blocks were flip-flopped on a couple blocks. Fixed that. Took another picture. Then later looking at the picture I found two more that were flip-flopped. That had to stay also. Oh well.
    Merry Christmas!