Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Saturday was one of those good days,  bad day situations.  We won third prize for our Christmas parade float which was nice.  Entering the parade takes time and work but our church likes to present something that depicts the true meaning of Christmas so the effort is worthwhile.  Winning a prize isn't important but it is nice to have your effort appreciated.
That was the good part of the day.
After we got home, I did a load of laundry and found that one of the fins inside the tub had broken off.  I doubt if it can be replace but my husband has to find a way of fixing it so it doesn't snag the clothes. While I was doing laundry, he went out with our little dog to do some yard work.  A little while later, he came back in and asked if Heidi was in the house.  She had disappeared.  We spent the next half hour or so-it seemed like hours-walking around the property calling her, looking for tracks, peering through the trees.  As she is white, it is very hard to see her in the snow.  It was also very worrying because we couldn't see any tracks.  Our fear was that she had been grabbed by another animal.
I, of course, was trying very hard not to panic.  I just don't know how I would deal with losing her.  Finally, my husband thought of opening the door to the shed and there she was.
  After a good cry, it was time to get supper which led to the third problem.  The oven wouldn't heat up.  We dragged down the toaster oven and used it.  We tried the oven again later and it was working so we think it may have been a glitch because of all the power flicking on and off.
There haven't been any more trails since then so I am, once more, starting to breathe normally.  Life sure has its challenges, doesn't it?

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