Friday, December 2, 2011

Hydro is Back-I Think

Our power went out again yesterday-twice and was off all night. It returned again this morning and, hopefully, will now stay on.  I had to resort to washing my hair in melted snow when I got up as I couldn't stand it anymore. My husband phoned while I was in picking up the mail to let me know we had power and that he was running round flushing toilets and filling containers with water, just in case.
It has been a bit frustrating but, as I keep saying, it is better than living on the streets.  I think we better get the generator ready for use as, much as I hate the sound, I don't want the water pipes to freeze either if we go through this again later in the winter.
Winter Sky
I haven't been able to do a work day this week so will have to find time to catch up.  Next week is going to be busy with vet appointments for our Heidi, shipping and meetings but things slow down at the end of the week.
It does seem as though everything happens at once, doesn't it, but I guess that is normal.  It is for me, anyway.
This is another of the photos that I took on Wednesday.  I love the colour of the sky.

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