Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fire Starters

Stolen Quilt
This photo is of a quilt that was stolen from a show in the U.S. recently.  Please keep your eyes open as you attend quilting events.  I can only imagine how devastated the designer must be.

On a vastly different subject; I make starters for my wood stove and thought you might find them useful also. They work well for a campfire and, if you have access to a surplus of material, they would make great fundraisers for a group.
You need dryer lint, old candles, egg cartons and a metal container for melting the wax. Old newspapers to catch the drips and a pair of oven mitts will also be useful.

Put the candles in the metal container and place over low heat.  I melt mine on the wood stove as it is less hazardous.  If the candles have the little metal wick holders on the base, remove it.  Wicks can be left.  Make sure you don't leave the stove while the wax is melting.  In the meantime, stuff the dryer lint into the egg carton pockets.  Put the cartons on newspapers and, using hand protection, carefully pour the wax over the lint until they are soaked.  Let set.
Place one under the kindling when starting your fire.
I have tried dog hair, sawdust and paper but nothing works as well as the dryer lint.
I just tear off the pocket needed and include the carton top as well. You could, if desired, cut the sections apart with a sharp knife.  Good luck.  Let me know if you make them.
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