Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And Today Is...?

Strange Light
I am having a hard time getting back to routine.  It is only the 28th (I think) so I am not exactly behind schedule.  Of course, being retired, I don't really have a schedule but I usually have some sort of handle as to what day it is.  I guess because we didn't have church on Sunday or quilting on Monday it is understandable that I would be a bit confused.
I took this photo yesterday evening and this was the actual colour of the sky.  Everything was tinged with mauve.
Excuse me while I brag about our Heidi.  We spent Christmas day with my husband's family and Heidi had a great time being fussed by everyone.  She got a large parcel full of doggy things including shampoo, various coats and bootees and was, as is her due, spoiled.  While we were all chatting away, my husband said 'Look at Heidi". She had gone to my handbag, picked up her leash and brought it to me.  I put on the leash and took her outside where she took care of business.
We are getting a weather warning so it is nice to be safe indoors.  I have already taken Heidi for a walk; and then spent 15 minutes melting the snow from around the feet, so we don't have to go out.
Hope you all had a good and safe Christmas,

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