Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Work Day

So far today, I have been able to stick to my work schedule.  I have had a couple of non work related phone calls but they were both before 10.  I am now on my lunch break.
I have since written the column for an on line magazine-will give you the link after it is published, and am now working on a pamphlet for Sisters Quilting Expo.  She will be starting her classes on October 3rd and will be announcing her store opening shortly afterwards.
My husband is out for a motorcycle ride today.  The weather is cool but sunny so a nice day for being out.  Our trees here in the north are well on their way to donning their autumn finery so my view out the studio window is increasing in beauty.
I have been listening to the radio as the countdown to the tenth anniversary of 911 approaches.  The music is not sad but certainly reflective.  That act of terrorism has, and rightly so, been a defining moment in our lives, hasn't it?  It is hard to believe that some countries live with those types of tactics constantly.  Another reminder of how fortunate we are in Canada.
Back to work.

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