Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovely and Busy Day

We have had a lovely day.  My sister is here from England and so she and my husband and I drove to Bracebridge to visit with my brother and his wife.  It is always special for us when we can get together.  We are fortunate that it happenes at least once a year now as my sister comes over to see her son and family and we are all no further than three hours or so apart.
Our fall colours are begining to show themselves in earnest now and it appears that every maple has at least a few leaves that are tipped in orange.  The areas south of us haven't as much colour but will before long.
I think my husband is going to be taking the air conditioner from the window this week as it doesn't seem as though we are going to get any more hot weather.
I am still working at finishing up some of my quilts.  I have the binding sewn onto two of them and just have to do the hand stitching. 
I have a large tote piled high with quilts that are partially done and as much as I am dying to start a new pattern, I am trying to discipline myself to keep at that pile.  Of course, that doesn't stop me from picking out the fabric that I want to use in the new project!

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