Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Chickens

Autumn Glory
My husband picked up five laying chickens on the weekend and got them installed in their new home.  We didn't expect any eggs for at least a week but, lo, and behold, we got three yesterday.  Two were white and the third brown and all a good size.  I was at quilt group and Roger called to let me know.  I hope he was at least that excited over the birth of his sons.
Our trees seemed to have reached the peak of their colour.  There are still a lot of green leaves but the ones that have changed are fading and falling.  I think they are early this year but others said there are on schedule.
I saw a wonderful thing on television this morning which, once again, emphasised the great country in which I live.  You are probably aware of the protest against the oil pipeline going from Canada to Mexico.  There was a demonstration in Ottawa and the news clip I saw was of a police officer, politely and calming advising protesters that if they came over the fencing they would be breaking the law.  The protesters just as politely and calmly,  thanked the officer who then stepped back as the man climbed over the fence.  The other clip was a row of arrested protesters sitting on the ground with their hands secured behind them and a police officer walking along asking if they were okay.  Marvellous.  No guns, no dogs, no yelling or throwing of things just a peaceful demonstration of rights.
As for the issue, my personal belief is that as Texas needs oil, it would be to our advantage to provide it.  Accept the fact and make sure it is a safe as anything can be.  The oil from the sands in Alberta is cleaner (in many senses of the word) than that coming from Arabia. I have been to area of number of times and have always been impressed by all the green vegitation that surrounds the site and the area.
The same news cast also explained why we don't refine our own oil and the answer is economics.  It is very costly to build the refineries and the companies don't see it as beneficial to their bottom line.  Right or wrong this is a fact.Sometimes you just have to accept things are what they are and do everything you can to make it positive.
Having said all that, I still think that demonstration was a wonderful thing.  I doubt the clips I saw will get world wide attention, but they should.

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  1. Good morning, Anna. Our leaves here in central Minnesota are starting to get beautiful, too.
    Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to rely on the oil from overseas?!