Friday, September 2, 2011

Down to the Wire

Duchess of Cambridge Doll
This doll is one of my fall fair entries.  The class is dressed doll so this little beauty is wearing a gold net dress over white satin with ruby's  on the skirt and bodice.  She is wearing a fascinator on her hair which consists of gold beads, pearls and a feather on a red and gold brocade base.
Sound fancy?  The underside of the hat is lined with duck tape and it is sewn to her hair!
Everything else ready to be labelled except the wall hanging.  I still can't decide what to send.  Guess I had better make up my mind pretty soon as I have to take it in tomorrow morning.
We took mom-in-law back yesterday and this morning Heidi was moping around looking for her.  I had to take her into the guest bedroom so she could see Mom was gone.  I have just taken her over to her sitter as I am going to be busy tomorrow with fair stuff and a funeral.  She loves going to her Auntie Irene so that will help her get over the 'no Grandma' blues.
This is the last long weekend of the summer season.  If you are travelling please take care.

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