Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awww, Isn't She Cute.

It is another lovely day here in the backwoods.  My husband is outside doing some work and I should be doing house stuff.  Our little Heidi did the cutest thing this morning (Don't I sound like a doting grandmother).  Roger asked her if she wanted to go out with him and if she promised to not wander away.  He said 'raise your right paw if you promise'.  Heidi went into beg position and stuck her paw out for a shake!  She didn't keep her promise though.  I guess she got bored with just sitting and came back to lay by the front step. 
I always put her on a leash so I can keep track of her but my husband is more trusting.
I believe I mentioned that my doctor gave me a prescription for some pills to stop the headaches I've been getting.  I've quit taking them.  I found that I have been too sluggish throughout the day and I hate that feeling.  I am usually pretty energetic and can get a lot done in a short time.  When I can't do that, something is wrong.
Going in to the village this morning to meet a quilter who is vacationing in the area.  Always nice to meet another addict.

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