Friday, September 16, 2011

The Geese Have Landed-Sort of

Morning Mist
We got a phone call from a neighbour early this morning telling us that a flock of geese had gone over and landed on our pond.  I grabbed my camera and dashed out the door.  The pond is divided by a beaver dam so I wasn't sure which section they would be in and, unfortunately, chose the wrong one.  By the time I backtracked, the geese were lifting off.
I did take this photo of the mist rising off the water.  The pond is quite low this year and, as you can see, we have a lot of stumps showing.  Normally, all but the tall ones are covered.
I have been doing a bit of baking this morning as it is my turn to provide dessert for a ladies meeting on Monday.  I am not sure why I try new recipies at times like this but one of them hasn't turned out.  I couldn't get the chocolate chips to melt properly so have pressed everything into a pan and calling it squares.
We put our wood stove on this morning for the first time.  I've let it go out now but there was a definate chill in the air and frost on the pumpkins.

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