Friday, January 7, 2011

What I've Learnt

I am just working on my article for Quilter's Connection magazine and that has started me thinking of the changes I have experienced since moving here to the backwoods.
There are many things I have learnt.  Among them are:
you don't need a calendar to tell you when the season's change.  If you watch the maple trees,  you will see vibrant colour in the fall;  sky reaching, bare limbed sentinals in the winter; new growth in the spring and lush green for summer.
not knowing a pedestrian isn't a reason to not smile.
expect someone to open a door for you.
neighbours are always willing to plow your lane, pull a visitor from the ditch and invite you to their house parties.
you can learn to live with black flies.
sharing your property with bears, beavers, all manner of birds, a flying squirrel, crane, loons etc is a privilage.
deer may look like Bambi but they can destroy bird feeders and gardens.
stars can be piercingly bright.
watching the snow fall is a peaceful activity.
life continues after the hydro goes out.
driving into the village to get the mail is a good thing.
and, finally, moving to our rural home is one of the smartest things we have done.

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