Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And Even More Deer

These two photos will show you how successful we are at keeping the deer out of the bird feeder.  The dog was barking at the living room window  yesterday afternoon so  I went to see what was causing the problem.  It is usually something that isn't visible to the human eye or something we don't recognize as a danger; a falling leaf, a tree moving in the breeze.  She has, however, let us know of a tangible something often enough that we usually check.  This time it was a herd of deer.  We hadn't seen them that close to the house yet this winter.  I went to my quilt room and counted eight deer crowded around that one little bird feeder.  Some of the deer appeared quite young but all were healthy as you can see by the photos.
There were not at all bothered by the dog barking or us watching.  I had to rap on the window a couple of times before they decided to go somewhere else less bothersome for desert.

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