Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Dog is a Flasher

This week it seems that the days keep getting away from me.  I didn't remember to do my blog until after supper.  We went shopping this morning to get a few odds and ends and arrived back home early afternoon.  Even a quick shopping trip seems to take nearly four hours as you always have to factor in lunch and at least an hours driving time.
One of the things I bought today was a little light that attaches to the dogs collar.  When you push a button on it, a bright red light flashes.  It is really difficult to see Heidi when she is out in the snow so the light will help us keep track of her.  I think I will also activate it when we go for a walk.  If she takes off, she will be easier to track and if we are on the road, we will both be more visible. 
It looks quite strange to see this red light flashing in the dark.  Heidi doesn't seem to notice it.  I thought she would at least be curious or try to chase it but I guess she is more focussed on barking at the falling snow.
I am just finishing up another quilt top.  This one is made with large blocks using the easy half square triangle method that I mentioned a few weeks ago.  When finished, it will be a good size lap quilt.  I am getting a lot of tops done and then will set up the frame and start quilting.
Hope you are not in any of the areas that are, once again, getting hit by a snow storm.

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