Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Valuable Scraps

Yesterday, I was just finishing a project and discovered I need a bit more of one kind of fabric.  This sent me on a hunt through my 'do something with these' box.  I discovered some fabric that I fogot I had (not a good sign) but none of what I needed.  It was just a cursory search so I am sure if I had looked thoroughly, I would have found some.  I decided it was easier to just subsitute a fabric.
This reminded me of why I value my scraps.
In my early days of quilting, I was making a log cabin variation and I was the tiniest bit of fabric short.  I think I needed something approx 1 1/2" square to lengthen a strip.  I hunted everywhere.  I looked in my thread catcher bag, the garbage, shelves all without any luck.  Then I got out the broom and swept the room.  There, against the wall under the cutting table was what I needed.  It was even larger than I needed. 
I finished the quilt-which turned out to be rather ugly, and put the left over bit in a jar.  Not long after, I found another bit of the same fabric which I also added to the jar.  I don't know I did this but that jar with the two tiny bits of fabric stayed in my quilt room until we moved.  (I may have brought it with me although if so, I am not sure where it is). 
I think that experience plus my natural hording instinct has contributed to by constantly growing scrap containers.
That is my story and I am sticking to it!


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