Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time to Get Organized

The new year always seems to bring with it a desire to get organized.  As I look around my quilt room, I can see that there has been a need for this for some time.  Fabric is piled onto books which are on the ironing board.  The cutting table has pieces of fabric from at least two projects as well as a plastic bag with pattern and material for a quilt that is on the to do list.  The machine frame can barely be seen for partially completed quilts, more fabrics and an unfolded clothing pattern.
Every space seems to contain plastic boxes, tubs and other containers filled to the overflowing with material, and uncompleted projects.  Some of these are under the table that contains my sewing machines, notions, phone, camera, iron, spray bottle, various scissors and yet more material.  Under the table in addition to the boxes etc I already mentioned is a number of empty egg cartons.  These are for the fire starters I make.
Lest you think that this accumulation of stuff has piled up over years, I must confess that I do clean and organize fairly often.  But, as soon as I turn my back, everything starts to spill out of cupboards and off shelves.  What is a woman to do. 
I recently read an article that told how to, at least, tame the accumulation of unfinished projects.  The writer suggests putting everything in a pile and start sorting.  One pile contains things that will never be finished, another will be the completable (thinking optimistically) things.  The first pile is then divided into stuff that can be given to someone who can use it (a group that does charity quilts for example), and what can be donated to animal shelters or (horrors) just thrown out.
I don't think I could ever get anything into the first pile.  I am always sure that I will, someday, finish all the quilts I've started.  As I also do dressmaking, some of those unfinished items include such things are half made pants that no longer fit.
I really do need to make the effort to get rid of some of the stuff but not today.  If I wait a bit longer, I may be able to finds a use for it or my husband will build the bigger quilt room that he has promised.
Thankfully, I can still find the computer.

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