Friday, January 28, 2011

A Confession

I am not, by nature, a sociable person.  I don't 'drop in' for a cup of tea and a visit. I don't  regularly get together with my friends and I don't invite everyone I meet to 'come over anytime'.  This wouldn't be a problem (or not to me anyway) if my husband wasn't the opposite.  He just left to help someone we know with a job and when the friend invited me to visit with his wife, my husband made an excuse for me.  Now as I sit in my studio writing and quilting, I feel guilty.  I should have gone but I really didn't want to.
When my husband said that I was working on a quilt, he was right.  Of course, when am I not.  It isn't anything that couldn't be left but, again, I didn't want to.
My siblings are all like me.  We prefer our own company and being in our own home.  My husband's family is, no surprise, always visiting.  If you meet them once, you are a member of the family.  I admire them for this trait but (am I starting to sound like a peevish child) I don't want to be the same way.
There is no reason or excuse for me being the way I am except  for not wanting to change.  
I have got marginally better since moving here to the backwoods. There is a neighbour that I occasionally drop in to see when returning from a trip to the village.  It only happens a few times a year but it is still a big step for me.   I chat with shop owners and even go to our neighbour's house parties.
Maybe by the time I am quite elderly, I will be inviting everyone over for a cuppa.  In the meantime, back to my lonely sewing machine.


  1. No apology needed! My family is the same as your husband's. The house is a drop in center, but the rule is, if you drop in, don't be surprised if you get handed a dishtowel and help with the dishes. But. There is always a but. My mom fusses continuously about the house being clean and neat, just in case someone drops in.
    I did not inherit the housekeeping gene. I'm a slob. So my friends know, that if they drop in, they get what they get. And we're ok with that.
    Keep quilting. And enjoy your 'self.' There are too many people in this world who are NOT comfortable with themselves. We're just fine!

  2. I'm with you , Anna. I like being in my own little world, looking out my window to see if there is any wildlife out there.