Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Beautiful Country

Our morning news station has been showing winter photos that viewers have sent.  They are both varied and beautiful and really showcase this wonderful country we call home.
I love winter photography and could be taking photos every day.  It doesn't seem to matter if the sun is creating a kaleidoscope of light and shadow or if everything is soft and muted by the falling snow.  Today is one of those latter times.  It has been snowing all day and, while the visibility is still good, it is limited by what appears to be a shifting blanket.
Earlier on, a deer wandered from our neighbour's property to ours; almost invisible as she weaved her way through the trees.  Our ever vigilant dog saw her, however, and warned us of her approach.
We are going snowshoeing again this afternoon so the fresh snow is welcome.  Yesterday, it was too cold to have the dog out for an extended period so we stayed in an enjoyed the sunshine from the comfort of our home.
Wherever you live, take a moment to really look at the scenery around you.  Large cities as well as the most desolate  areas all have a beauty of their own.  We just have to look for it.

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